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Paulo Garcia is a New Zealander of Filipino descent, a lawyer for more than 20 years, a loving husband for 26 years, and a father of four young women.

Paulo and family moved to New Zealand more than a decade ago. “One of the things that drew me to New Zealand was its reputation as a place where anyone who worked hard and cared about their community could get ahead,” he states.

A man of service, Paulo has been a solicitor volunteer for the Eden Albert CAB since 2007 that has expanded to the service of four other CABs. He has also been Honorary Consul General of the Philippines for Auckland for five years.

He considers it a great honour to be chosen by the National Party to be a candidate, especially by the local membership in New Lynn.

“New Lynn is full of people who live this attitude. It’s a community I’ve come to know well, a really positive mix of born-and-bred New Zealanders through to brand new Aucklanders,” says Paulo.

Paulo looks forward to meeting everyone in New Lynn and doing what he can to help improve the electorate.